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Cindy Palmer, Hagen Meyer,  Darren Dirk, Will Langmore, Sasha Nelipa


Will Langmore

Performing Arts Project

Great performances happen within the spaces where artist’s flourish. Traditionally, artists are seen or portrayed on the stages or galleries we’re familiar with, but a more contemporary approach captures the artist essence in context and within a backdrop of spaces in which artists  transform and naturally perform.

Will Langmore’s latest “Performing Arts San Antonio” project is a portraiture series that blends a photographer’s mastery of lighting, texture and visual expressions with an innovative sense of architectural spaces and artistic performances. Will has found through his many years and experiences as a photographer and a great examiner of photographic moments, that there are amazing (forgotten) warehouse spaces that automatically become unique opportunities for artists to take stage and embrace the idea of performance to create superior pictorial portraits. Langmore’s portraits express a sublime artistic expression, and encompass a symphony of visual textures, minimalist architectural spaces, and a challenging and rewarding portfolio as picturesque scenarios that use simple lighting and aesthetics to relate the paths of artists of all sorts, including dancers, musicians, actors, visual artists, poets and more.

This is a one of a kind photography project for San Antonio’s cultural community that heralds our working artists while recapturing and revitalizing a selection of great and under-appreciated local architectural sites. The resulting body of photographs help us understand the special opportunity we have to see our future revitalization, our cultural textures, and our recorded personal memories, values and heritage.

Hagen Daedelus Meyer

Born in Austin, Texas on January 22, 1998, Hagen Meyer currently hails from San Antonio, a place he’s called home for the past fourteen years. Raised in a large blended family, where he was the oldest of six siblings, Hagen has focused on the beauty of controlled chaos. As a child, Hagen would find joy in the strange imagery captured on his fisheye camera, in which the surreal effect of the distortion molded his artistic view of the world. Now with that same view, Hagen documents the stark contrast of ordinary objects with their extraordinary surroundings to create images of candor amid chaos.


Cindy Palmer

Cindy Palmer works predominately in the style of Abstract Expressionism. A movement that came to be in the 1940’s and was the first American originating movement in artistic style to have international impact. The movements namesake comes from its emphasis on the style of German Expressionists that focused more on evoking mood or ideas and the figure less European Abstraction appearance.


Palmer draws influence from artists like Robert Motherwell, with her balance of gestural brushwork and controlled linearity. Her use of mediums such as tar, candy wrappers, and sand that extend beyond the painting are used in an almost collage like aspect, while still keeping them divorced from the their original connotations and is reminiscent of the work of Jasper Johns; another of her influences. While she finds the need to recreate the past through the use of the aforementioned mixed media and show as she put it “a chronology of human life and the passage of time”, her treatment of color draws from her inspiration by the artist Mark Rothko and is used as a vessel for containing all the prior mentioned other choices in material and style. Artist’s website:

Sasha Nelipa

a native of Crimea, has lived in San Antonio since 2008.  Since then, she has managed to establish herself as one of the leading creative artists much respected by the artistic community.  She has also captured the admiration of many art collectors in Bexar County.

Scrap Wood assemblage, $200She’s an outgoing, fun-loving individual who delights in sharing her experiences and stories with others and in the process has made many friends throughout the city, many of whom cherish her free spirit, constant smile and admirable attitude towards others.

She has been invited to exhibit her work at several local galleries, among them Bihl House, HighWireArts, Centro Cultural Aztlán, Mercury Project.
Alexandra enjoys working with a variety of median oils, acrylics, water colors, mixed media, ceramics and photography.  Her subject matter focuses on figurative art from a variety of perspectives.  Her artistic inspirations lay in the old Masters.  As a child, her mother took her to museums such as the Hermitage and other equally prestigious museums.  Later, Alexandra traveled on her own throughout Europe and visited museums wherever she went. Those experiences were the seeds that fomented her creative interest in the arts.
Her artistic philosophy is one where the artist as the creative inspiration provides the viewer with a work of art that requires of the viewer to become a co-creator in the process of understanding the meaning of the artwork.  The work of art can only arrive at its completeness when an audience is present and views the work.  In short, the interpretation of the work of art is left up to the viewer

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