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11209386_454529214720906_918853191191340146_nRoots in the Shadows of San Antonio Vol.II is picking up momentum as Summer is upon us as is the release of Roots in the Shadows of San Antonio Vol ll! Here is our final showcase before the release of the compilation.

Hills Snyder and High Wire Art Gallery have teamed up to bring you this special live concert featuring

Mitch Webb and the Swindles


$10.00 cover to benefit Roots in the Shadows of San Antonio Vol ll


“Roots in the Shadows of San Antonio” is a FREE music compilation series created by Phillip Luna and Jason Trevino featuring the best of San Antonio’s local music scene. These artists have been rocking San Antonio stages for decades with their original music and are still going strong today. These are the “Roots” of the current San Antonio music scene. Now they are presented in the first two FREE music compilations. “Roots in the Shadows of San Antonio” and “Roots in the Shadows of San Antonio Vol.ll”

Vol. ll will be released on 07-18-15 and will feature the music of:
The Hickoids, Los #3 Dinners, Mitch Webb and the Swindles, West Kings Hwy, Dark Planes, Royal Punisher, The Saarinens, Wolverton, La Chichada, Jason Trevino, Ken Little and Rodeo Ho Ho, Ms. Neesie’s Tin Can Trio, Julie Good and a Dog Named Mike and The Dead Barrons.

Download Roots in the Shadows of San Antonio Vol l for FREE…featuring the music of:
The Whiskey Ships, The Rosedale Highs, Apache ’65, Fear Snakeface, Please Help!, Garrett T. Capps, Douglas Miles Clark, I Ching Gatos, Nat’l Parks, Puppy Jet, King Pelican, Snowbyrd and The Man Eaters of Tsavo.

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