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CYBORG MESTIZA: Borderland Feminism Today & Tomorrow

San Antonio, TX—Borders and boundaries subject otherwise fluid landscapes, bodies, and
communities into “legible” segments—parts of a whole that can be controlled, monitored, bought
and sold. While the logic of organized space wields a formidable power to separate families,
economic opportunity and consciousness, it has failed the emerging complexity of an
increasingly connected world mediated by technology and known by intuition and ritual.
La Mestiza, as depicted by Gloria Anzaldúa in Borderlands/La Frontera, represents the
emerging consciousness of borderland dwellers suffering artificial delineations between
cultures, genders, countries and economies. Looking to the future in The Cyborg Manifesto,
Donna Haraway outlines a post-gender new order in an age where the Internet, technology and
artificial intelligence obfuscate known boundaries of consciousness. Both feminists call for a
new myth, one that expresses the plight and power of the Cyborg Mestiza.
Who is the Cyborg Mestiza?
Artists practicing in the Southwest envision and embody the Cyborg Mestiza and her myth
during a gallery exhibition

March 24th— April 7th, 2017

at High Wire Arts in San Antonio, Texas.

Contemporary works curated by Emily Royall and Skye Rosales include live performance, new
and digital media, video, visual art and interactive installations. Join us Saturday March 25th for
a day long future festival, including tech & wellness workshops, video screenings, performances
and local arts vendors.

Event details available at 
Instagram @cyborg.mestiza

Featuring works by:

Acidwinzip, San Antonio TX
Ursula Barker & Abe Heath, Austin TX
Maggie Hazen, Los Angeles CA
Robin Kang, Brooklyn NY
Moya McIntyre, Austin TX
Marcos Morales, San Marcos TX
Aditi Ohri, Austin TX
Olivia Pepper, Austin TX
Skye Rosales, San Antonio TX
Veronica Salinas, Houston TX
Maritza Torrez, San Antonio TX

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