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December, Friday 13 – High Wire Arts
San Antonio Contemporary Art Gallery


December, Friday 13

Opening Reception: December 13 th 2013 6 pm – 10:30 pm

 326 W Josephine San Antonio, TX 78212 (210) 827-7652

MOSAIC Students


Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum MOSAIC Program, introduces emerging student artists to the San Antonio Art Community. The MOSAIC educators and staff are dedicated to creating community interaction around art. MOSAIC develops innovative and creative programs for high school youth in San Antonio. Participating artists include: Yennifer Gavina, Edier Mendez, Abigail Moreno, Jeremy Ortegon, Zoe Palacios, Dani Toral, and Seline Trujillo.


Justin Sterling

I can’t wait til I can get my work into real galleries so a larger audience can share a connection with the work. Conflicting concepts of human emotion is something I use to create a tension with some of my newer work. For instance, love and heartbreak, happiness and sadness, ugliness and beauty, danger and excitement, realism and abstraction, flat and volumetric, action and consequence. Everything and everyone around me inspires. Salvador Dali, Klimt, Picasso, Chloe Early, Conor Harrington, and Jean-Michel Basquiat to name a few artists.

Irma Garcia

Irma Garcia is 29 years old, she is originally from Brownsville Tx. Her  family is originated from Tamaulipas Mexico.  She has lived in SaN ANTONIO  for almost 9 years and  graduated from the INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY  with a bachelors in fashion Design and merchandising….  Irma is a self taught painter and photographer, she loves to create with recycled items, I’m experimenting with the different types of medium in painting and  reusable items , I have always done Frida but not like this, my latest artwork is the different elements of  Frida Kahlo, Mixed media on glass and frames, acrylic, glitter,  flowers, and other stuff from her jewelry box.
“Frida Elements’, Artwork by Irma Garcia. An exhibition of Frida Khalo and elements of decoration to represent the many facets of artistic exploration by one of the most determined and brave woman of our time. That her perseverance gusto for life and bravery in love be an inspiration to all artists.

‘bike art’

1390519_10200625499869299_967600542_ncelebrating the aesthetics of bikes, bicyclers and bicycling

Humankind’s fascination with the rolling wheel finds it’s highest expression in the humble bicycle.  The simplicity of it’s form, the utilitarianism of it’s design, the universality of it’s myriad manifestations and the joy of its joining the human with the machine makes this art form truly worthy of celebration.
featuring art by Randy Schwartz
Jerry Gann – mixed media
Bill Simons – sculpture
Rohn Bayes – video



Ray Miller (Ray)

About the Artist

Ray was born and raised in northeast Mississippi.  After two tours of duty in Viet Nam with the Marine Corps (Simper Fi), Texas became home.  With various professions, Ray lived in Dallas, Houston and ultimately made San Antonio home.  He has worked most of his adult life as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor in various settings winding up with a private practice.  Ray has been painting off and on for over 50 years.  He began with watercolors and also does acrylics and pen and ink.  Ray will paint on just about anything!  Ray is now showing and selling some of his art for the first time at age 70 in hopes that others will enjoy his work as much as his family and friends always have.  Ray’s other interests are books, the Spurs, Words with Friends, and a spiritual fellowship he has belonged to for almost 29 years now.

Aide Treviño

Self taught Artist
Aide Treviño born in the city of Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico 1954.
Aide has been creating art since she was a small child. Movement has been an unrelenting theme in all of her work as it has throughout her life. Aide embraced- that everything is possible in life if you are open to experiencing it, and it suggested movement toward something, which implied growth and expansion.
Aide has developed a modern fine art style that embodies her personality. The response to her contemporary, abstract, and often impressionistic original oil paintings has been as positive as to the artist painting them. “I will never give up my love and passion I have for fine art and being an abstract artist”. She currently resides in San Antonio, Texas and lives as she paints: with gusto and aliveness- and it is the continual wonderment about the world that gives her inspiration. It is a reflection of Aide’s incredible excitement about being alive.

Dan Baker

Ben Ortiz

Alexa Nelipa

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