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Fotoseptiembre 2015 – High Wire Arts
San Antonio Contemporary Art Gallery


Fotoseptiembre 2015


CLOSING RECEPTION,  Highwire Arts, October 1, 2015, 6-10 pm

“The Spirit Within…” ,

an official FotoSeptiember 2015 Exhibition

Artists: Maureen “Momo” Brown, Danna Byrom, Guillermo Francisco Gaitan, Michele Jacob, & Charles Harrison Pompa
Organized and curated by Maureen “Momo” Brown, Cindy Palmer and Charles Harrison Pompa

Free and open to the public

“The Spirit Within…” exhibition at Highwire Arts features five individual artist photographers’ individual interpretation of the theme, including: The spirit of place and the ordinary, spiritual and/or whimsical found objects within; the sprit of urban landscapes and authentic landmarks; the spirit of abstractions, of the people and/or animals represented within, and the spirit within light and even shadows; the spirit of community, family, and spaces. The physical artwork and creative process may be a reflection of the spirit within ourselves and thus represent connections with the divine as viewed through the camera’s lens. Some of the featured artists combine photography and mixed media, through either paintings, sculpture and fiber arts.

Maureen “Momo” Brown & Charles Harrison Pompa

San Antonio visual artists, Maureen “Momo” Brown and Charles Harrison Pompa’s photography include two separate takes on the theme: One set of photographs for the exhibit includes the beautiful spirit and calmness of place and objects found within various exhibit spaces, owner-artists studios, and gardens of Highwire Arts— when it’s not being used as a lively gathering event space. Another interpretation includes photography of the spirit within the individual five San Antonio Missions, that together make up the San Antonio Mission Trail and have just become a World Heritage Site. The missions are some of the oldest intact Spanish colonial archaeological sites, where both the Spanish friars and many nations and tribes of Native Americans first came together and they represent our authentic landmarks and San Antonio’s unique and rich heritage and preserved past. However, within these walls the spirit lives on — four of the mission chapels have been continuously used for almost 300 years for services, baptisms, marriages, funerals, and ceremonies, etc. by generations of parishioners and visitors—yet when you visit you will find the beauty, rays of light, and quiet stillness of the spirit within…

Danna Byrom

Guillermo Francisco Gaitan


Michele Jacob

Please see the FotoSeptiembre 2015 website: www.fotoseptiembreusa.com
for the listing and calendar of all the 2015 Exhibitions in the San Antonio area.

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