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Join Us on October 10, 2014

Opening Reception: October 10, 2014 6 pm – 10:00 pm

326 W Josephine San Antonio, TX 78212 (210) 827-7652

Free homemade Discada tacos and beer on the back porch this time. Plus a real light disco!

Ray Perez and Jon Davis Collaborative

There is a push and pull, a give and take with any process. A beauty to arise from the understanding of a collective whole. There is a beauty in examining the merits of an individual work in a series. Often overlooked are the small details that make up the whole and the beauty that can be found in them. Ray and Jon have worked together to create an installation that at once captures a universal cycle of personal growth as well as inviting the viewer look more closely at the details that make it possible.

In these steel figures, Jon brings his graphite sketches into three-dimensional space, as a fleeting moment, a motion paused midway. Rough, raw and at the same time fluid, he captures the emotion of what pulls us back, what breaks us down, and what compels us onward, in a gesture manifested. Pulling inspiration from the dramatic, expressive qualities of Rodin, the implied motion of Boccioni and the thought processes of Picasso, these figures chart a path through the never-ending cycle of identity crisis and personal growth.

In these photos, Ray follows his ultimate pursuit of prolonging our process of looking and provoking thought in different ways. He uses DSLR to manipulate visual details and perspectives. His photography addresses the relationships between the work and the viewer. The way in which this medium is used reveals the vision of the artist and his curiosity in capturing a more magnified view of the subject. Spurred on by the stop-motion work of Harold “Doc” Edgerton, and the decisiveness of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ray challenges the viewer to take a moment to really visually ponder what one sees.

Donna Kerness

My influence is from the life I lived in the 1960’s, where color, music, textures and visions vibrated…Ms. Thing comes alive on different levels..

Darren Dirks

Originally from Minnesota, Darren Dirk has lived in San Antonio for 26 years and studied architecture and art at UTSA. He works in metal and wood to animate furniture that represents

  Mental Illness Awareness week

To better aid in understanding regarding mental health, we are pairing up with VSA Texas, bringing over 20 artists together from the San Antonio area in a reflective body of work.


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