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Friday March 9, 2018 6PM-11 PM

High Wire Arts Gallery 326 W.



JONATHON DAVIS Jon, a graduate of the UTSA School of Fine Arts, is an all-around artist with a flair for sculpture. His taste and work are eclectic, pulling inspiration from myth, science, psychology, politics and general life experiences. “I tend to focus on themes of understanding of others through the understanding of the self, cultural perception, and visual perception.”  



RANDY GAY  Randy makes digitally hand-crafted images using photographs he has taken. “While I consider myself a traditional artist, technology has given me new and different tools to work with. Most of all, technology has given me control of my work. I now have the final say every step of the way from concept to how the ink is applied to the page.” His client list is a “Who’s Who “of San Antonio.               



PAIGE HOLLAND Paige pays the bills by helping clients artistically transform their homes.  She is a skilled craftsman as well as a creative artist.  “Sometimes my service is translating people’s own vision for them in their homes in the form of murals or commission paintings.  I experience life as a productive, fruitful, ever-enriching present and future.”  Her colorful and creative artwork will add immeasurably to this show.                                                                                 


CINDY PALMER   Cindy, owner of High Wire Arts Gallery, is both a creative and prolific artist. “My acrylic canvases incorporate the stains and scratches of modern culture revealed by the application and removal of textures and relevant objects that encompass years of unfolding stories. I love to re-create these histories in my work through different materials; sand, flat metal pieces, tossed out wrappers – a chronology of human life and the passage of time.”


BILL SIMONS           Bill builds art that glows in the dark. The self-proclaimed “Illuminator” was a Featured Artist at the 2017 Luminaria. Several of the pieces he made for that show will be on display, as well as his wearable art, Night Jewelry. “I have always been a builder of things, mostly functional things. Art has offered me the ability to let my imagination soar as I make things that just look cool!”



STEVE SMITH   Steve is a figurative and landscape painter who has exhibited his work in San Antonio for 20+ years. His paintings of musicians have been in books about music and his work was on a Jazz’SAlive festival poster. He was recently named as the San Antonio Art League and Museum’s 2018 Artist of the Year. “In figurative work my goal is to convey the emotion and/or motion of the subject. In my landscapes, I hope to convey a ‘sense of place’ and enable the viewer to experience that location through my painting.”  



RESA WOHLRABE  Resa is a San Antonio native. She received her undergraduate degree in ceramics from Texas Tech and her Masters of Fine Arts from Florida State. She teaches art and is a published book illustrator. She has exhibited in front of an international audience at Art Basel in Miami Beach and, among many other accolades, her design was selected as the Official Poster of Fiesta 2016. Her greatest creation is her new child that she welcomed into the world recently! “I just hope that my art brings joy to someone”.                                 Instagram: @resacreates


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