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Cindy Palmer

Cindy Palmer

Cindy Palmer works predominately in the style of Abstract Expressionism. A movement that came to be in the 1940’s and was the first American originating movement in artistic style to have international impact. The movements namesake comes from its emphasis on the style of German Expressionists that focused more on evoking mood or ideas and the figure less European Abstraction appearance.

Palmer draws influence from artists like Robert Motherwell, with her balance of gestural brushwork and controlled linearity. Her use of mediums such as tar, candy wrappers, and sand that extend beyond the painting are used in an almost collage like aspect, while still keeping them divorced from the their original connotations and is reminiscent of the work of Jasper Johns; another of her influences. While she finds the need to recreate the past through the use of the aforementioned mixed media and show as she put it “a chronology of human life and the passage of time”, her treatment of color draws from her inspiration by the artist Mark Rothko and is used as a vessel for containing all the prior mentioned other choices in material and style. Artist’s website:

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