San Antonio Contemporary Art Gallery


Invitation: January 2014

Opening Reception: January 10, 2014 6 pm – 10:30 pm

 326 W Josephine San Antonio, TX 78212 (210) 827-7652

Group Statement

PERSONA (n.) an assumed identity or character. Seven photography students from a variety of backgrounds, art influences, ages, and photographic styles chose a theme to create a body of work in which to exhibit. This exhibition is an exploration into the idea of persona from seven different conceptualized points of view. Because identities and characters are not the same for everyone, each artist had a different vision of what the word meant to them. The vast interpretation of the definition makes this exhibition thought provoking. Represented in this exhibition is everything from self-portraits, to abstract photography, to landscapes. These seven artists are deviating from the traditional definition of persona and are pushing the boundaries. They challenge the viewer to think about and perceive the idea of persona in a new way.


Jayna Finucane, Kathie Garcia, Elizabeth James, Patricia Morris, Annette Tackitt, Kevin Washington, Stephanie R. Welch

Jordan Taylor Henry

Jordan Taylor Henry is a painter and mixed media artist residing in San Antonio, TX. His current show entitled, ” Park Series ” searches for new ways to ‘read the city’ and explores the public spaces that have inspired him. Spaces that blend architecture and nature, gathering spots for all walks of life.
In his words, ” My art offers insight into my history and the histories of communities I identify as part of, allowing the viewer to escape in the spaces, like I have. “

Frank David Mendoza

Hi my name is Frank David Mendoza, I also go by the name “Fravid.” I am a Fine Arts major at San Antonio College and lately I’ve been focusing on painting with both oils and acrylics. I’ve done mostly landscape paintings and some surreal themed paintings. I admire traditional landscape paintings and I like to look back and study the impressionist style. I want to learn and grow as an artist, become better as a painter and I think that painting landscapes, the human figure, or a still life is the best way for me to learn and perfect my techniques by observing and capturing something the way that I see it.
This will be the first time I get to show some of my best work so far at the High Wire Gallery and I’m glad to have this opportunity to learn and grow artistically.


Qing Liu

En plein air – Bonaventure Cemetery

When I first moved to Savannah, Georgia to attend SCAD, I drove out daily to the surrounding area in search of motif to paint. Someone mentioned Bonaventure; a former-plantation-turn-into-cemetery located 3 miles east of downtown Savannah. Known for its moss-covered oak trees, colorful azaleas (27 miles), and elaborate statuary, Bonaventure is a timeless place. The Spanish moss hanging from the trees is like the tatted banners hung from the roofs of Gothic cathedrals. Here death is romanticized and cemetery is lush and enjoyed by the living.

I painted Bonaventure Cemetery from different aspects at different times of a day. Technically I tried to avoid modeling solid objects with short parallel strokes. Most time I applied large patches of different hues, laid on with wide brushstrokes that sweep rhythmically across the surface of canvas. No drawn contures bound the shapes or interrupt the dynamic vitality of the irregular masses of the thickly growing vegetation.

This group is done during my lonest time of relocation. However the paintings are associated with peace and vibrant with life.

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