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Bill Simons and Jonathan Davis

Join us February 13th(2nd Friday) for an evening with the Jalapeno Artists group; featuring live painting, Blue Moon, Food, Fun, live music, live body painting, live painting, local artists and their works!
High Wire Arts Magic Cave, Showing the work of Jonathan Davis And Bill Simons in a rare collaborative event of sculpture and light.


Painting with Light, Drawing with Shadow

Bill Simons is fascinated by light. He expends a tremendous amount of time and effort creating imaginative light fixtures and illuminated sculptures. These works often serve as a means to sculpt the light emitted by the LED arrays he builds. By shining LEDs through various materials and lenses he is able to produce a wide variety of reflected and refracted lighting patterns that strike awe and mesmerize those who view them.
Jonathan Davis is fascinated by shadows. He expends a tremendous amount of time and effort creating three dimensional line drawings that cast beautiful shadows. By forging and welding steel he is able to produce dramatic and engaging figure drawings that occupy the viewer’s space – as opposed to the space of a sheet of paper.
Together, Jonathan and Bill have taken over this room to see just how dramatically they can alter the feel of it. Jonathan has decided to try to arrange the room like one of his sketch pads, where directionality is unimportant. Bill has decided that white light and quiet spaces are boring. By combining these ideas a unique gallery space is created.

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