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INVITATION, August 9, 2013

Opening Reception:    August 9, 2013    6 pm – 10 pm

326 W Josephine San Antonio, TX 78212 (210) 827-7652

Balance vs. Imbalance

*Losing one’s balance and falling trying to walk in those shoes. A device that activates or disconnects a mechanism, a circuit. A hallucinatory, exciting or stimulating experience. A self indulgent attitude or activity: “what’s your trip?” Our pieces connect and disconnect as we deal with the various meanings and social constructs of the simply complex notion of trippin…g.



All American Art is a function or product of a hybrid culture. My work as a multi-media artist tends to reflect the many modes of self-expression through cultural themes, values, practices, society driven mores and my interpretation of our filtered perceptions and experiences.
Whether intentionally or sub-consciously, I have always embraced a diverse range of political, creative, and spiritual influences. My vision is inspired by everything that I experience not in an illustrative way, but in a real and emotional way that is both universal and highly personal, allowing me to gain a better understanding of self and situations. I find inspiration from African and African American cultures as well as exploration into the endeavors of the human race. Through my art, I try to restore some of the lost kinship between people while informing of stereotypes, mis-conceptions, obscure or misrepresented histories, and/ or the many manifestations of freedom and enslavement over time. I have an afnity with the collection and use of found objects, repurposing has always been a part of my life, long before it became
“environmentally chic”.
There are similarities in my paintings, collages, assemblage and most recently printmaking. I have become more deliberate and specific in the layering process, working on several pieces simultaneously is similar to journaling my thoughts, my questions and answers on the surface of whatever material or materials I feel work. The work is just built or created whatever happens simply happens. Printmaking and encaustic processes are definitely challenging; metaphorically an alchemy, a process of incorporating traditional practices in terms of African influences, such as communication, natural and traditional healing and most importantly spirituality. I constantly challenge myself through inquiry, sometimes solutions occur, therapeutic yes, spiritualistic yes, almost like one would describe a talisman, a medicine wo-man. I incorporate the use of dreams, “stereotypical” memorabilia, antique photographs, social networking dialogue, interviews with elders, and most importantly observations. Currently, there is an interest in consumer research and marketing driven manipulation to explore identity whether a false sense of or real. The exploration is cross cultural as well as multi-ethnic and multi-racial.
Ultimately, there’s power in changing the use of materials, I like the un-precious and unpretentious aspect of the found object. It is through the ritualistic processes of: Imprint (ideas, memories, past, present and future): Search (the selective eye and intuitive collecting of objects bringing an energy or presence: Transformation (manipulation of materials): and, Release (the work is shared, exhibited, relinquished). The ritual is completed.

David Anthony Garcia

My work revolves around the notion of integration.  Merging styles and materials in order to create extraordinary depth and reveal a sense of unification within a composition.  Tactile and detail oriented, my process involves painstaking technique coupled with freewheeling spontaneity.

My painting “Requiem” is published in the college textbook “Criticizing Art: Understanding the Contemporary, 3rd Edition” by Terry Barrett, published by McGraw Hill.  Arizona State University owns and published 3 major paintings in two textbooks:  “Chicano Art for Our Millennium”, and “Triumph of Our Communities – 40 years of Latin American Art”. The University of Texas San Antonio owns 2 of paintings housed in the engineering building. The painting “Duet” is on the cover of the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center permanent collection catalogue. I also created a cow for the San Antonio Cow Parade entitled “Cow in the City” owned by The San Antonio Children’s Museum and is published in the Cow Parade Book. I also have two clay sculptures in Mr. Tom Wright’s prominent private collection.

I have shown my work in many venues in S.A. most notably Aviart, Parchman Stremmel, Blue Star Art Complex, St. Marys University, The Carver Cultural Center, Centro Cultural Aztlan, and Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin.  I have been a selector for Blue Star’s red dot show, and have participated in various group shows there.  I am currently living in the historic La Vaca District in San Antonio, and opened my studio for the Automatic Downtown studio tour for Contemporary Art Month and was selected to participate in “Playing With Time” a show curated by Mr. David Rubin.

I am a graduate of the fine arts program at the University Texas San Antonio.   I have been actively showing my artwork in San Antonio for several years.   I was born on Torrejon AFB, in Spain.  I graduated from Judson High School in 1982.  I worked for several years in the country club business then returned to school to receive my BFA in 1996.  I also earned my teaching certification (all level art and EC generalist) from UTSA.  I also taught art for many years with various city programs, then as the visual arts director with Say Si (a youth arts program for talented teens), and am currently in my 14th year as an Art and Reading teacher with Lackland Elementary School on Lackland AFB.

Christa Dippel

Artist Statement

Once upon a time, I was sitting in the sun under the Texas sky and my mind trailed off as it often does. I started to feel like an ice cream cone melting… melting just like when my two year old son doesn’t lick his ice cream cone fast enough and it starts running down his face. So off on my journey I began, using my child mindset to create all of my pieces with a very dramatically cute effect.

My first thoughts of ice cream were of a wonderful sundae. This inspired my first painting – 3 scoops of different flavored ice creams. I titled it “A Typical Sundae”. While a sundae may look typical to the human eye, to the ice cream that makes it up, there is nothing typical about it. So let us look at how the ice cream thinks about being in this situation. In front of you is a sundae that has some issues, first we have a scoop of chocolate that is enjoying everything around itself and not noticing the fact it is melting away eventually becoming nothing more than a sticky puddle. Now the second flavor which was once strawberry has just turned blue in the face; for a good reason I assure you; I mean if you had a wooden spoon stuck out of the side of your head you would have a disturbed look too. Then last but definitely not least…well ok the vanilla does have some missing factors but the cherry that sits on its cranium keeps that hidden pretty well. For you see, the ice cream is actually brainwashed by the deceptive cuteness of that fruit which is the vanilla ice cream’s one weakness. And there you have it, a typical sundae from the ice cream’s perspective.

Next my thoughts went to the delightful ice cream cones that come with all types of mix-ins. This was sparked when I heard my mother raving about the huckleberry ice cream that she ate during a recent trip. I found myself thinking about how the berries felt prior to being put in the ice cream. This inspired my second painting. I named this painting “Pick your topping”. It reflects the berries being unsure of what will happen to them. They are nervous of what is to come! The other painting is from the perspective of the berries and the ice cream. It is called “Insert your topping” . It confirms the feelings that the berries had for being anxious because the ice cream is now picking them up and shoving them into its head. So next time you are in line at an ice cream shop and trying to decide on what to order, think about the mix-in’s viewpoint.

So now that I have shared with you my creative views on ice cream – I am starting to think that maybe I sat in the sun too long …

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