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Ray Palmer

Ray Palmer

Ray Palmer is an Assemblage artist who draws influences from Abstraction and the irreverence of the DaDa movement. The Abstract art style is punctuated by its independence from typical visual associations and reference. While the DaDa movement of the early 20th century drew on the rejection of logic and reason after the disillusionment of World War I and its horrors.

Palmer notes among his inspirations; Bob Villamagna (an early mentor ), from whom he began to use religious icons in combination with found objects, finding “the irreverence to the iconography that spoke to me”. Freeing familiar objects from their context and giving new interpretations to them. Palmer also sites that since moving to San Antonio he became inspired again by Kat Brown. (local assemblage artist,

Ray Palmer came to art through a lifetime of involvement in music. He attended the UCLA film scoring program in the early 90’s and has been in love with nexus of sonic and visual assemblage. Drawing him toward ambient sounds and film based sounds to frame and support visual media.

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