San Antonio Contemporary Art Gallery


May 2016

Abstracts, Wings, Old World Masters, and Beads

Artists: Lisa Shackleford, Richard Thorpe, Ashley Perez, Simone Schiffmacher, Jonathan Davis
Chris Cate and Dave Fry

Simone Schiffmacher

Corporations build up images of themselves through the media, creating an identity that seems
physically tangible thought purchasing their products. While these identities are mere morass,
that deceives the buyer. My work dissects these tactics by using logos as identifiers, producing
hollow and mangles pieced, which points out the flaws in Corporate Identities.

Dave Fry


Lisa Shackleford

I am inspired by color. All colors are my favorites…from the whitest white, all the way through to the blackest black. I choose the color palate first, then begin the painting. What comes after that can surprise even me. Sometimes I will have a particular technique in mind, and stay with it. When creating a series, for example, I’ll stay in the same technique. At other times, it completely changes as I move within the canvas. That is how new techniques & styles are born. Each style tends to refine itself with time. Read more:

Jonathan Davis

Richard Thorpe

My name is Richard Thorpe, I’ve been a self taught oil painter for 13 years.  The style my Art has evolved into has gone from Surrealism, heavily influenced by Dali, to now what I would describe as Classical Realism..Primarily focusing on the human figure and an academic approach to the composition of the painting as a whole.  My goal is to capture my subjects in their own world, however elaborate that world may be.  As if a snapshot was merely taken.. The subjects are unaware of the viewer, if you will.. Yet while being arranged through various classical methods, mathematically the eye of the viewer is now guided through the space within the painting, causing the overall effect to be very naturally appealing to eye.

Ashley Perez

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