San Antonio Contemporary Art Gallery


February 5 2019

Deep Listening

February 5th 7:30-10:00 pm

High Wire Arts 326 W Josephine St. San Antonio, Texas 78212, (210) 827-7681

Jessica DeCuir

DeCuir will perform a live, 30-minute solo performance on theremin at High Wire Arts, featuring the Moog Etherwave Theremin Pro with Boss loop station. Anyone fascinated with sound, science, and electronic music will enjoy experiencing this unique performance. Jess has been playing the oldest known electronic instrument, the Theremin, since 2012.
The theremin is a musical instrument that operates through electromagnetic wavelengths, requiring no touch of the hand, but careful hand/wrist movements and a very good ear for pitch. Using this single instrument, DeCuir evokes the sounds of sci-fi movies, melodic strings, and epic operatic vocals.
As part of the electronic music/art duo, Hyperbubble, DeCuir has performed live in the U.S., England, Scotland, and France. Her theremin playing will be featured in the forthcoming documentary about Hyperbubble, “Cowgirls and Synthesizers”, directed by Joe Wallace.
Jessica DeCuir is art faculty at San Antonio College and the Southwest School of Art and has an MFA from the University of Texas, San Antonio. She has exhibited her art professionally and recorded and performed music for over two decades.

Dykes and Young,

the duo of bassist Laura Dykes (Austin, TX) and violinist Jeffrey Young (Boston, MA), makes meditative, ecstatic, acoustic music grounded in deep listening. Beginning with improvisation in spaces with special atmospheres and acoustics, they create musical structures that over time become fixed compositions.
Jeff Young is classically trained violinist and composer who seeks to create fresh, approachable, complex, socially relevant art.
He is part of ThingNY, a 501c3 not-for-profit collective of composer-performers who create and perform theatrically charged experimental music, champion the work of avant-garde and contemporary classical composers, and collaborate across disciplines, media and genres.

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