San Antonio Contemporary Art Gallery


Invitation: March 14, 2014


Opening Reception: March 14, 2014 6 pm – 10:30 pm

326 W Josephine San Antonio, TX 78212 (210) 827-7652

Qing Liu

Wonderment 2014


My central images represent anonymous children having a lot of fun, playing out their fantasies on a simple, negative background. They remind me of delightful moments in childhood that dim with weight of adult concerns. These children are in a weightless state, acting with joyfulness in such activities as swinging, jumping, and sliding which result from a contraction to the force of a gravity. The concept of  “above” and  “below” has been abandoned to convey the ideas of both independence and insecurity. Behind the happiness are nostalgia and the eerie sense of helplessness. Co-existing with calmness is implied aggression.

The painting surfaces contrast between the rough execution on the figure versus the smooth, shiny background. The negative background emphasizes instability. The color poised on the edge of disappearance is very obviously seen. On the figure, the painterly surface shows signs of scrubbing, smearing, and scraping – the result of a struggle to the truth that I want to speak, The built-up impasto risks losing the color to mud, which probably accounts for the fragile quality of the figures. A fleeting moment in a constantly changing situation has been captured as it floats inexorably into oblivion. Taking the 17th-century Chinese landscape painter Shitao’s (1642-1707) saying, “The brush is for saving thing from chaos”, there is nothing standing between the paintings and me. No ambitions, no contrivance, no hierarchies, There’s a total immersion in the silent art of manipulative paint.

Robert Wilkens

My art reflects my inner thoughts and represents my past and absorption of literature and history through my own interpretation on canvas using oil paints.

Thought Provoking images that are relevant now from emotional to the intellectual and the spiritual. Created with surrealism and distortionism. It is the absorption of my life, expelling it into the medium of oils into my own interpretation.

Cody Stewart

Inspiration assails me from all angles. I am influenced by my love of experiences and the people I come in contact with in my daily life. Like a confluence of many great rivers, my mind holds these ideas until the banks can’t bear the force any longer. I want the art I make give the viewer the opportunity to feel positive emotions and connect with my thoughts and my heart at the time of its creation. I fuse different media into my work and often include a butane torch to achieve the desired mutations of the colors used and to add interest and depth to the work. I don’t paint because it affords me respite from stresses or some other comfort, I paint because I have to. I prepare for the flood of ideas from the great rivers and I hold on tight and enjoy the ride. To create a work of art that resonates with anyone who comes in contact with it is all I can ask for.

Jonathan Davis

In these steel figures, I have brought my graphite sketches into three-dimensional space, as a fleeting moment, a motion paused midway. Rough, raw and at the same time fluid, I capture the emotion of what compels us onward, what pulls us back and what breaks us down, in a gesture manifested.

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