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Here and There, Everywhere

Here and There, Everywhere

Opening reception: June 12 from 6pm – 10 pm.

326 W Josephine St, San Antonio, Texas 78212

Join us in celebrating the work of Swedish-American painter, Björn Sjögren, a self taught abstract impressionist, Archana Vikram, a fine art and architectural photographer, living in Bangalore, India.

The works reflect a glimpse of her imagery some in glorious color but also in captivating Black and Whites. More than simply being photographic representations of what the lens captures, her images are unique and subjective interpretations. The viewer often prompted to discover more than what meets the eye at first glance.

Archana Vikram

Archana Vikram is a fine art and architectural photographer, living in Bangalore, India and practices her art across India and also Europe. Her works have been acquired by collectors in India, US and Europe and adorns the walls of discerning buyers across the world. Of her imagery, Archana says, “I make an image trying to capture not what my eyes behold but what my heart feels.”
Archana Vikram’s works will showcase from 12 June 3 July 2015 at the Highwire Art Gallery. You can get additional information from her website

Björn Sjögren

Born in Lund, Sweden in 1946, Sjögren has lived in the United States for 13 years, the past three in San Antonio, Texas. “Looking back at my art, I realize that many of the individual pieces are time documents of my in life,” the well-traveled artist observed.

Starting in 1987 with the idea that an image could be built by using dots, waves and lines, he developed a process of constructing art from pixels — a unique concept at the time. His pictures, inspired by experiences, are mingled with inner feelings and Scandinavian design simplicity. “And just like my life, it never gets boring!”

Last summer, Sjögren mounted a gallery show in Karlskrona, Sweden presenting his art in his hometown for the first time. And during the past January to March, Björn was exhibiting at The Swedish American Museum in Chicago.

Björn has sold his art to all 50 states, and he has showed in places like Chicago, Oak Park, Phoenix, Houston, New York City, Santa Fe, Edina, Albuquerque, San Antonio, Aspen to mention a few…

You can learn more by visiting his website

Cindy De Jesus

I love to paint straight from my imagination and play with organic shapes and creatures until it matches what I see in my minds eye. What comes out is usually my fascination for all things “alien”. I draw my inspiration from all the natural sciences and 3d fractal geometry. I received my Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Texas at San Antonio and I have never stopped painting.


 Marty Ruona

Marty is a landscape architect and master gardener. He is now utilizing those elements of design- color, form, and balance into abstract painting.

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