San Antonio Contemporary Art Gallery


stART Playing Poetricity Workshop

Tues – March 31   8-11 PM
High Wire Gallery
326 W Josephine
San Antonio 78212

One Night Only!

$5 donation

stART Playing Poetricity Workshop

 What exactly is the stART Playing Poetricity  Workshop?
Since January 2015, musician/educator Cecil Carter and jazz
poet Cat Lee have trained 4 San Antonio poets to perform with
musicians during a series of classroom sessions and rehearsals.
With little prior musical training, these poets have learned how
to hear the 12-bar-blues form, count off, and communicate
with band mates, to skillfully place original words within that
form while jazz players are improvising live.
We invite you to hear our perfected performances in RECITAL
on March 31. Poets Ed Cody, Victoria Conerly, Fernando
Esteban Flores, Cat Lee, and Veronica Rodriguez recite with the
rhythm section while several visual artists capture mood and
gestures. Video documentarian James Sanders archives, so that
each poet will have a video demo for future use.
We’ll be polling audience members about their favorite poems
during this one night only multimedia extravaganza.

Catherine “Jazz Cat” Lee has been working poetry with jazz
players since 1978 when she founded and ran a Boston area
nonprofit named Studio Red Top, Inc. Cat was mentored between
1986-87 by Ted Joans, a 1950s rent-a-beatnik hipster and Beat Poet.
In San Antonio since 2006, Cat has co-hosted annual April specials on
KRTU-FM, and produced Poetricity a 3-part 1-hour magazine-format
in 2014. Find these and others of Cat’s audio at
< > and music video at

Cecil R. Carter began his music career by performing, arranging and composing as Music Director of the Third Army
Soldier Show and 76 U.S. Army Band. Cecil then became principal trumpeter and arranger with the Fifth U.S. Army Band at
Fort Sam Houston. A faculty member at St. Mary’s University since 1995, Cecil teaches improvisation and jazz performance.
Through ACRC Production, Cecil writes and produces scores for commercials and film, and is currently developing an online
curriculum of which stART Playing Poetricity is a component.


performing original words
Ed Cody – “Assimilation”
Victoria Conerly – “I’m a Rat”
Fernando Esteban Flores – “Dreaming In
Noir, Suite 118”
Cat Lee – “Crescendo”
Veronica Rodriguez – “Baby Blue”
working aural magic
Cecil Reenald Carter – trumpet
Mark Hess – keyboard
George Prado – upright bass
Kory Cook – drums
sur le motif
en plein — jazz — air
Laurel Gibson – charcoal sketch
Maureen “Momo” Brown – paint

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